With the help of drones supporting precision agriculture, we provide spray application, field monitoring, plant, and soil condition analysis services.
Leave the job to us and you will no longer have to worry about anything - we will solve everything in the best way possible. Our many years of experience guarantee high quality services!


Due to certain legislative restrictions, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find a solution that will satisfy you! The technology itself provides the possibility of applying almost all agricultural spray chemicals, in almost all circumstances. Spraying can be carried out on completely wet soil, into which ground technology would not enter. On plots with several obstacles, such as pillars, trees, and the like. On tall crops, in higher stages of vegetation. The spraying is carried out without damaging the crops and without leaving technological tracks.

Drone service

We provide a full certified service for all Agras drones in our own service centre.

Multispectral analysis

Using the Phantom 4 Multispectral drone, we can collect accurate crop data and monitor its living conditions. In practice, this means, for example, the location of pests or outbreaks thanks to multispectral scanning, which captures the various stages of photosynthesis in plants and thanks to this, our company can effectively detect and solve the problem in time.

Mapping and targeting

With the mapping service we can find out the exact dimensions of the plots, which we can determine with an accuracy of one centimetre. With the Phantom 4 RTK drone, we perform mapping 100 times faster than manual operations. The target mapping product is an orthophoto map with specific plot data.

The age of precision agriculture is here