As an official distributor, we offer a full range of DJI Agriculture products. Also providing warranty and technical support in our own certified service centre.

Each drone ends up on the ground. But our vision is for each landing to be only after the mission is complete and as safe as possible.

Our aim is to teach the customer how to operate these machines when it comes to flying them, as well as in the more important area - agriculture.

We are happy to pass on our experience, primarily as a company that grew up in agriculture, to our customers and teach them the key talent- effective use of drones in agriculture.

DJI Agras T30

With a 30-liter spray tank and reach of 9 meters, the DJI Agras T30 takes aerial spraying efficiency to a new level with the ability to cover up to 16 hectares per hour. Transformable arms enable more efficient spraying, especially when it comes to fruit trees. Using DJI's digital farming technology, the T30 helps reduce chemistry consumption and increase yields.


DJI Agras T10

DJI Agras T10 brings a highly compact but powerful aviation solution for agricultural sites of all sizes and needs. The 8-litre tank and spray width of up to 5 meters allows the aircraft to cover up to 6 hectares per hour. Its folding truss-style body is strong and reliable, enabling efficient folding and unfolding, convenient transport and easy transitions.


DJI Phantom 4 RTK

The Phantom 4 RTK is the most compact and accurate drone for mapping at low altitudes. With the help of positioning services, it is able to capture orthophoto maps with an accuracy of up to one centimetre.


DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral

Multispectral set of cameras with five narrowband sensors (including red border to infrared light) in agriculture allows you to capture the state of photosynthesis in plants and thus monitor their life status, the emergence of diseases, respectively pest localization.



The D-RTK 2 mobile station is an advanced high-precision GNSS receiver that supports all major global satellite navigation systems and provides real-time corrections, generating position data in centimetres for better relative accuracy. It also supports the DPS (DJI Positioning Service), which provides highly accurate location data to nearby facilities and is an ideal tool for geodetic surveying, aviation inspections, agriculture, and other industrial applications. D-RTK 2 together with the Phantom 4 RTK drone creates an accurate geodetic solution as it provides the drone with real-time data. The rugged design of the mobile station ensures accurate data in all conditions.


DJI Mavic 3M

Effective aerial surveying needs to see the invisible. That's why Mavic 3 Multispectral has two forms of sight. It combines an RGB camera with a multispectral camera to scan and analyze crop growth with total clarity. Agricultural production management requires precision and data, and Mavic 3M delivers both.