In order to keep innovating and to attract as many people as possible in different sectors, not only in agriculture and industry, but also the general public, we try to invent and bring new products to our offer, which would have a use for example in travel, sports, fishing, etc..

As the exclusive and only dealer in the country, we bring to the market “Deeno”, a brand offering portable (electric) charging stations and solar panels.

If you work remotely, camp, go fishing or if the power is out at home, having access to a portable power source can help you significantly – that’s why we have decided to add similar products to our offer.

So what is Deeno?

Enterra Deeno X1500 portable charging station

In our range you’ll currently find the Deeno X1500 which is a portable charging station designed to fill the role for your off-grid adventures.

The big benefit is the high power capacity that this station offers. With a capacity of 1036 Wh and a power output of 1500 Watts, it can handle the demands of most home appliances.

When it comes to charging smartphones, laptops, or if you need to run your microwave or blender urgently – the Deeno X1500 can help you with that.


The station is equipped with state-of-the-art LiFePO 4 technology, which ensures stability and efficiency in power supply. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have high energy density and low self-discharge values. One of the most important features of this type of battery is an electronic management system called BMS, which controls not only the charging and discharging of the battery, but also its temperature.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the station guarantees the endurance, reliability and stability you need for outdoor activities.

Practical design

Miroslav Baca with Deeno X1500 charging station from Enterra company

The importance of user comfort is also ensured by the practical design that the Deeno X1500 offers. All input and output ports are easily accessible and labelled. Hidden handles make it easy to carry and transport the station so that you can get on your adventures without any hassle.

Features and amenities

LED light on the back of the station provides 4 modes of operation – 25%, 50%, 100% and SOS mode. In addition to the light, you also have a clear 4.3-inch LCD display that provides real-time information on power status, power, and time remaining.

A great advantage of this station is also the solar charging option – the optional portable solar panel uses the MTTP function and can charge the station in 6 hours.

Where can Deeno be used?

  • Camping
  • Hiking adventures
  • Outdoor events
  • Emergency power backup
  • Travel
  • Construction
  • Life off the grid
  • Boat trips
  • Photo expeditions
  • Days at the beach
  • Sports events
  • Fishing, hunting
  • Medical facilities
Miroslav Baca testing Deeno X1500 charging station from Enterra company using angle grinder
Miroslav Baca charging his iPhone with Deeno X1500 charging station from Enterra company