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The En-Trailer is a trailer adapted to work with agricultural drones. It provides space for 2 drones and 2 generators, an En-Mix mixer, 1000L of water in the built-in tank and other accessories needed for the job.

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EN-Trailer is a trailer adapted for work with agricultural drones. The carrying capacity of this trailer is 1800 kilograms. It has a reinforced frame, chassis, springs, hydraulics, and a roof with a load capacity of 170 kilograms. It is braked and also equipped with larger wheels and deployable stands for stabilization.

The trailer can be opened from all sides with ease thanks to force lift hinges, and all of the doors can also be locked for maximum security.

The front part of the trailer provides a space for 2 drones, which can be mounted on, and secured in place with four quick latching holders, on pull-out shelves, that fully support the weight of the drone.

There’s also enough space for 2 generators to maximize the charging efficiency of the drone batteries.

Thanks to the built-in current converter, the generators keep a 12V battery always charged, and the plentiful LED lighting provides enough illumination for even night time operations.

The rear part is adapted for work with the EN-Mix. There is enough space for the EN-Mix, few canisters, and all necessary equipment. The built-in water inlet allows easy pumping of the water from the trailer’s built-in 1000L water tank, which is built into its chassis, thus not compromising any space. The water can then flow straight into EN-Mix’s own tank, without needing any additional water lines.
The paperwork for the trailer allows it to be registered both under the <750kg category, and also the <1850kg category.

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